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Audio and video enthusiasts everywhere are filled with joy by the studio-quality sound and theater quality graphics they can now enjoy at home with their High-Res Audio products and their Ultra HD 4K displays by Sony.

The Sony High-Res Music System comes with a 1TB hard drive and built in Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t stop there.  The music player turns even standard CD quality audio up a notch

High-Res Media System

with a DSD re-mastering engine, it

packs analog FIR filters, a Digital Sound Enhancement engine, a low-phase noise liquid crystal oscillator, and expandable storage. Housed in a




chassis, boasting

a full color 4.3” LCD display screen, USB 3.0, and app control.

Sony’s sleek SS-AR1 speakers are the perfect match for your Sony High-Res Music Player. Or check out their recently

announced little brothers, the NA2-ES speakers, which offer 90% of

the SS-AR1s performance at just half the price. Sony has also paired up with several sites to offer a plethora of high-res digital files available for download; experience easily accessible recording-studio quality tracks!

If you really want a top of the line experience, pair Sony’s new line of High-Res Audio products with some excellent visuals. The Sony

4K Ultra HD line provides video quality four

times superior to your

Sony's NA2-ES Speaker
Sony 4K Projector

standard HD TV. Immersive and

awe-inspiring, the Sony 4K ES Projector sports greater than four times 1080p resolution, anamorphic 3D, and HD to 4K upscaling.

Come by the show room and check out Sony’s line of 4K Ultra HD displays!

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